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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry Pty Ltd. (“we”, “us”, “our” or “Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry” )
Customer (“you”, “your”, “client”, “consumer”, “buyer” or “purchaser”)

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1. Any prices/products we have quoted are only valid for 60 days from the date we issue to our customer. Contact us should your Quotation have expired. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry may withdraw any Quotation at any time.
2. Unless otherwise stated, the price/products we quoted are inclusive of GST but not including delivery cost to the customer’s site/premise.
3. Customer is responsible for reviewing all contents, including quantity, size, colour, dressing and all other specifications, listed on the Quotation and requesting amendment/s before confirming with us as an order and/or paying any deposit.
4. We require deposit before any order could be processed and balance immediately upon completion and/or demanded by our staff/authorised representative. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry, or its employee, could regretfully not be able to discuss a pickup or delivery with you before any amount owing has been paid in full.
5. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry regretfully could make no changes once a Quotation has been accepted by us as a confirmed order as we might already started cutting/processing your order.

Payment terms:
1. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry requires deposit, normally 30% of the invoiced total, before you order could be accepted and processed. The balance is payable by the customer immediately when the order is completed and before a pickup or delivery could be arranged.
2. Any amount being paid is strictly non-refundable. Please consider well and assess your repayment capability if progressive payment terms has been discussed and/or agreed. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry, or its employee, could not partially or fully exempt any payment owed by any customer.
2. Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry may refer to a third-party credit control/record authority, or debt recovery company, or legal institution etc. for debt collecting assistance/legal advice with disclosure of your personal information, which may include your name, address and contact details if your invoice falls overdue.
3. Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry in recovering outstanding monies including agency fees and solicitors cost shall be paid by the customer.
4. Unless otherwise agreed, the payment should be made/forwarded to Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry via accepted payment methods listed on our Quotation or Tax Invoice. We do not accept cheque payment. Where a payment is made by a direct transfer/deposit, it is not considered to have been made until the fund is cleared of our account.

Natural stone colour variation:
Where a photo/sample has been provided to you as sandstone colour review reference, the photo/sample is only indicative and may vary from the actual finished order. Please note Bundanoon Sandstone Quarry will not be liable to you for any apparent variation when order has been manufactured. We will not be able to discuss a refund/exchange with you in this regard.

Lead time:
1. Estimated lead time of any order is only indicative and the actual lead time may vary due to unforeseeable reason or facts beyond our control, such as machine breakdown, even though we are endeavouring our best to aim each order to be completed on time and to your full satisfaction.
2. Estimated lead time of any order must be calculated from the day we have received the required payment/deposit or when we have been presented an evidence of payment, such as a remittance advice with payable amount, our bank details shown.

Refund or exchange:
1. Please consider carefully before you make your decision of purchase because we don’t offer refund/exchange if you change your mind. Any payment, deposit or balance, made to us is strictly non-refundable.

2. Please review the size/colour/dressing requirement carefully on associated Quotation/Tax Invoice once being issued and before you make any payment to confirm an order. The information on the Tax Invoice which you’ve paid, partially or in total, against is viewed as accurate and final. You are not allowed to make any changes to any made-to-size order thereafter.

3. We will refund/exchange/recut for you, at your discretion, if:
(1) we have cut your order in wrong size as the size measured on the finished product does not match, greater than ±2mm,what is listed on the issued Tax Invoice.
(2) we have dressed your order in wrong manner as the dressing of the finished product does not match what is listed on the issued Tax Invoice.
(3) you, or your authorised, have noticed and/or reported us at scene any damage when you come and pick up your order.
(4) you, or your authorised, have noticed and/or reported to the driver any damage at scene when accepting your order at your premise.

4. Refund has to be made via the original payment method which you opted by the time you made the payment.

1. The delivery of your order will be made via independent third-party logistic company, and therefore, the availability of service is subject to:
(1) the availability of a suitable truck/vehicle with the logistic company;
(2) the customer’s, or your representative’s, full cooperation in making suitable accepting arrangement of, at scene or in advance, which may include but not limited to, where applicable, traffic control, obtaining council unloading/parking permit, posting signs/notice at site.

2. The logistic company, or its personnel, may refuse to perform the job at any time while extra/rescheduling delivery charge or penalty fine may apply and payable by the customer if:
(1) the accepting environment is assessed, at full discretion of the logistic company or its personnel, to be not suitable for goods unloading, or may pose danger to subjects/human nearby, or against the applicable occupational safety regulations.
(2) you have failed to obtain, to the best of your knowledge, an unloading/parking permit from your local council prior to the delivery, where applicable.

3. We require someone, either you or your authorised (must be over the age of 18), to be at the premise/site where you require us to deliver your order on the agreed date of delivery. If the delivery is not able to be completed due to non-appearance of the buyer/your authorised at the time when the good is delivered and fail to inform our duly designated staff, voice message or after-hours email/fax does not count, at least 1 working day prior to the agreed delivery date of any intention that you wish to cancel/postpone the delivery, the logistic company will have to take the order back to our yard and any payment you’ve made for the delivery is taken to be consumed. Should another delivery is required, you have to notify us and pay the delivery cost again before we could make the second attempt for you.